Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Enhancing Sexual Performance

Do you know that...............
The nature of coconut is that it increases sexual power and relieves pain in the back.
Do you know that................
Bio-asli once receive an email from a wife thanking Bio-asli because throughout her 7 years of marriage, this is the first time she is
satisfied......... really satisfied........ and extremely satisfied.

WOW!! That's AMAZING! 

The history of the creation of Brutal Power 31 Lotion
The formulation of this product is specially designed to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation amongst men. The company received numerous emails from the public requesting Bioasli to create a specially formulated herbal product base on virgin coconut oil to overcome men's premature ejaculation. Among an interesting case is a guy who got married to a divorcee of 2 kids. He had been very worried because he frequently succumb to the aggressive performance of his wife in bed. This caused his wife to whine and complained and demanded that he should look for medication to make him last longer in bed.  The husband honestly requested Bioasli to create a sexual enhancement product to help men to have better endurance. In another case, a wife wrote to the Company in her email asking about a product that could help her husband last longer in bed even with aggressive performance. The wife related that she is much satisfied with the size and length but the problem is he climaxed too soon, not even 3 minutes. " I have bought many products for my husband to try but they don't seem to be able to satisfy me...please assist my husband. Another case, we received an email from a husband in doldrums  because he can only last 2 to 3 minutes in bed with his wife. He had to repeat his performance after a 1 hour interval just to satisfy his wife, even that on many occasions he still fail to satisfy her, he pleaded with Bioasli to assist him, and there are many other cases of husband's premature ejaculation problems...
To overcome the problem Bioasli conducted a study on several herbs in the Far East region to be formulated to increase the endurance of men during intercourse. After a long search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, finally BRUTAL POWER 31 lotion was created in 2005. The unique meaning of 31 is, the wife is able to reach 3 climaxes against 1 for the husband. Until today thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide because of its greatness...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Animation Project made from iPad


Salam & Alhamdulillah

I,ve made an animation for Raya this year and they all from combined Apps in my iPad such as AnimationHD, Repix, SkecthClub, Photos, Youtube and Safari. It took a month to be publish in Youtube and actually it wasn't fully finished yet but because of time. This is my second test animation and i am going to learn it more. I think there is a way of making money from this field. I am thinking about it, where should it generates the income? InsyaAllah. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Salam, Alhamdulillah,

It's never been too late wishing you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Happy Eid). We were in a month of Ramadhan which is our turning point, cleaning month, Build and practises of patience month, LailatulQadar and definitely a beautiful month for us. Ramadhan left and Syawal appears, it's our celebration month tough, a lot hapiness, sincerely appologizes and visit each other (siblings, relatives, friends). The picture attached here is my family gathering for 2013, i will feel this sweet moment again another 2 years. Thanks to Allah giving me chance to live in Ramadhan this year and celebrate Eid with my parents, my lovely wife, Syarifah and also my both Puteri (Aliya & Akhira). 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Physiology Change

As usual, it would be a great tough time for me due to lacked of knowledge, action and gutsy. My mentor has said this to me, there are 3 things in view of triangle shape that could be our steps to change. They are change of Thought, change of our Story and change of Physiology. To change our Thought is not easy because we might installed a lot of things into our head since we were cutie kid. In  order to reprogram our mind or my 29 years minded needs huge extraordinary actions, extraordinary attitudes, focus 100% or more in any things to do and change the way of receiving any information as well as share or talk only a good things. Input must be positive and so to output process, it have to be positive as well. So no more to negativity and say stop to negative people including me internally (suara budak kecik). It is proven method to change the way of thinking and even Islam also encourage all muslim to do so. But again, it will not be a real easy as we had write down on paper and then erase it by rubber eraser and rewrite a new one. Symbolically, we paint some area in our house and next few minutes or hours, the painted area are still not dry yet thus we can dispel it by many kind of ways in order to do some adjustment but if after few years, it's gonna be hard, tough and even too impossible unless we have to work extraordinary to repaint all over again. 
To change a story, it reflected from our mind, will of change, environmental, intensive and more. All people want changes in their life but How does not a matter, it is just Why is the most important to bring people to another level. Some people might have difficulty in their life in term of money, peace, relationship, losses, commitments, responsibilities and lots more and that what drive them by the power of emotion and the power of desire. Why they want changes then they will find a way for it (how) and even Allah SWT give them a ways if they really asked for it. But it depends on how strong their submission cable (DOA) to Allah and that is why the connection with Allah SWT is really really important especially in 5 times prayers, Tahajud, Taubatul Nasuha and others (ibadah). Not forget to mentioned, intensive must be on the right track, doing things for others and our lives in hereafter. That would be a same goes to me. I need to scan my intensive and my connection with Allah SWT. 
Finally, my mentor has said the easiest way to step on the changes track is by Physiology change. Physiology change is most likely an instant method to change such as in situation of sadness suddenly turns to happiness just by turn the focus immediately and the movement of our body can tells that.  When we heard something good, we will definitely feel the emotion and physical turns up but after few moments, we have got bad news, automatically our body and emotion turns down immediately. That is physiology change. My mentor said, we can start from here, fake the changes, physiology change and sooner or later our emotion, body will easily turns up whenever we are in down's state or feeling loser. The best part is when Physiology change is reflecting our Thought and Story automatically. Success people said they didn't come from the count of how many times they fell down but it is just how fast they wake up or turns up to learn the mistakes. For me, I need to take this Physiology change to start from small first and celebrate it though it just a small success. 
And last but not least, my mentor also said, believe and perform this golden words "Start with a give first" even though it is just a smile. What we give, we will get it back more. InsyaAllah. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan, 

Welcome to Ramadhan, 
Ampun maaf buat semua yang mengenali saya sempena kedatangan Ramadhan 1434hj. 

Entri kali ni hanyalah ingin menyampaikan salam indah Ramadhan Al-Mubarak dalam 2 bahasa (due to learning process). Disamping itu, saya juga ingin berkongsi sedikit apa yang mentor saya share dengan saya sebelum ini iaitu tentang hati. Don't play play with your heart neither other people's hearts. don't underestimate it, i mean your hati/heart. 
Hati itu ibarat kolam, kalau kotor kolam tu kotorlah hati kita, kalau hati kita kotor, keberkatan susah nak lekat pada diri kita. Ada sahaja masalah bakal menimpa sebab kolam dah kotor, tarikan negativity yang sekian lama tidak dibendung (pengaruh tak baik) dan kolam pula jarang-jarang cuci atau cuci tak bersih (aktiviti kerohanian). Akibatnya tiada keluarbiasaan (sesuatu yang baru atau improvement) berlaku dan apa yang kita buat hanyalah sekadar di pinggiran. How you do anything is how you do everything. It will reflects to anything we do no matter what. So, as we are entering Ramadhan, this is suite time to clean our Kolam. Stop receiving negativity that can continueosly pollute our kolam and lets pull the good things into ourselves and be fresh and fresher a long the way in Ramadhan. I love Ramadhan and I love coming Eid as well.

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. I wish this round of Ramadhan is my turning point of being another higher level of great, beneficial and rich muslim. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The 27 update

Salam and Alhamdulillah. I am still here and alive strongly, healthy as a father for 2 princess, Aliya and Akhira. Both of them are growing stronger and healthier as well. It goes same to my lovely wife, we live as happy family. Syukur to Allah SWT and I pray without failed to Allah in order for reflection towards inner of myself and also around me (environmental), people around me regardless who they are. Selawat onto Nabi Muhammad SAW. Isghtifar!
First of all, this entry is quite more or less regards to my fifth stage progress and also the 27 update. Don't mind if I just flashback the meaning of those. What is fifth stage? the 27?. I dare to share it here and it is simply none of seriousness issue for whom read this blog except me. I am blogging not to swing any slanders to cast aspersion towards somebody out there. It is all about me, internally. How I tried hardly to improve the connection between me and The Creator, Allah SWT.
I had 1st stage when I was a baby, such a plain of something to be design what to be, then I turned to second stage which I was in primary school. It was a time for me got my very first social life officially as a student. I don't need facebook in those days. Life became more challenge when I was in secondary school, it would be a great art of destiny of my life, a practicality and knowledge. This stage known as 3rd stage for me. Then, I supposed to turn to 4th stage which is next level of learning process but I skipped it due to personal matter. I jumped to fifth stage which is present. I am building my carrier, family and life to the next higher level within this stage before I need to experience a 6th stage. 6th stage is my OLD days. What left to be done, health is much essential to take care than others. That are on going journey that I have right now, roughly. Within those stages, there are so many tough things for me to face whether it already past or in coming. The preparation should be there since I am aware about it. That is why this blog is exist.
If the stages are the roads thus "the27" is the transport. It is like a wheel bringing me forward no matter in hard way (by force) or nature. This plan 27 is more on religious activities that I working on it everyday. That is my initiative, create my own theory of my life based on what I learn and what I know. I don't need to wait until light comes to me but I am seeking the light comes to me. It already started though I haven't get any of it completely yet, but it is better to do than never.
 I am still weak and need to learn more not only about Islam and hereafter but life here as well. Learn about life is not "more to the world" in total but in order to adapt myself to the current challenges existing nowadays because like this said, "if you want to beat your enemy, learn your enemy first". Who is my enemy? They live a long with me deeply inside and whispering on bad things, do this, do that and finally it ended regretful within me. That is their promises. 

That is it for this entry. Nothing much and nothing less, it is moderate enough to educate me and awake me now. Before I left, I just want to share something that I need and compulsory as a muslim to share. That was  what I have been through recently. Refer to Surah An-Nisa Ayat 142, and look at yourself whether those sentence reflecting to yourself or not. If yes, read Ayat 145 (if I am not mistaken) and you could seen the solution there. Allahu'akbar!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. I pray to Allah and live relying to Allah along with efforts and actions. I am here in the end of March 2013 and also 4th anniversary of this blog. I am living peacefully although there is still a bit stress in few things. What make my life steady and cool are because of the principle that I keep holding up until now. The principle is the basic things that mostly relates to Islam, healthy lifestyle and humble. Since early of this year, I had myself focus on the internal development and polishing my solat in order to get reflection to daily life. At this moment, I am in learning progress and it will no end of it. I am recording every single of effort but not writing diary. That is for my references and also for my own way of being motivated all the time. Currently, I am using Trello apps to jot down any new info, golden words, action to be taken, the follow up, routine tasks, plan and blueprints, evaluations, reminders, outcomes and achievements. By the way and honestly my achievement not performed well yet but it had positive improvements. I am telling about myself here just for my own goodness and it may becomes useful for me in future.
The big dreams need a massive action and extraordinary efforts. That is really strong words for me to keep in mind, to think, to plan and to execute. I know it alao has power of bringing changes to someone's life. So, I choose Trello to managing all tasks (card).
Other than that, nothing more and nothing else to be written here since I am playing cards in Trello. It is such an amazing apps. Check it out in Apple Store.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Alhamdulillah! It is beautiful friday for me. The date 22/2 is my memorable date for me. My wife was delivered safely our second princess with 3.1kg at Ar Ridzuan Medical Centre. The born of Puteri Nur Akhirah or Puteri Akhiratul Hasanah (not confirm yet) will definitely strenghten our family bond. The first is Aliya sure happy having sister Akhira now. It shows that the seriousness of becoming better family leader, after already having 2 princesses to take care. What happened to me now is one of really big gift from Allah SWT and I am aware about the responsibility. I have wife, daughters, commitments and responsibility. Most important also, I still have father and mother to take care. So, I won't waste any of them. To Aliya & Akhira - I love both of you. - Ayah 22/2/2013.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Di mana sahaja aku celik, ku lihat warna. Warna digerak atas usaha sendirinya. Tidak berpaut tidak bertali tetapi bernyawa. Indah sekali warna-warna itu bergerak melunaskan tanggungjawabnya di atas muka bumi ini. Akan tetapi, warna-warna semulajadi itu kian mengurang dari pandangan zahir mataku. Semakin lama semakin kelabu. Kelabu atau warna-warna yang tidak bernyawa kini menerokai bumi fana ini. Ada yang bergerak, ada yang kekal dan ada juga yang melayang-layang. Tetapi semua itu dusta belaka kerana tidak ada satu pun yang akan kekal selamanya. Tidaklah ia menyakiti hati ku bahkan memberi kepuasan yang tidak ada penghujungnya. Kepuasan yang pasti, pasti akan menyakitkan di kemudian hari. Itulah kehidupan pada mataku, warnanya yang semakin bercelaru, merosakkan yang semulajadi. Semakin lama semakin beracun. Yang indah itu kini terpelihara, tetapi ia tetap akan diteroka suatu hari nanti.
Di mana sahaja aku celik, ku lihat dosa. Dosa warna bernyawa yang kini terdedah merata-rata. Akan tetapi ku pohon ampun lima kali sehari, atau ku lebihkan di sepertiga malam kerana ianya belum tentu cukup buat diriku. Tidak ku pohon balasan, ku pohon petunjuk. Mataku adalah salah satu jalan bagi dosa dan juga salah satu jalan bagi ibadah. Ku panjatkan doa dan kesyukuran padaMu Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa-dosaku yang melalui mataku dan lindungilah penglihatanku. Mataku hanya mampu melihat yang zahir. Secara batin, ianya bergantung pada mata hatiku. Keserasian hubungan mereka ini menentukan siapa aku. Satu melihat dan satu lagi menilai. Oleh kerana yang zahir itu semakin dusta, maka mata hatiku semakin lama semakin terpejam. Tidak mampu untuk turut berdusta. Itulah selemah-lemahnya Iman.